Yamaha Zuma 50F (4-stroke fuel injected) Dual Headlight Wiring Harness Kit

You do not need to buy new bulbs and the stock switch will still control your high and low beams.  Installation instructions are included.

The Zuma 50F Charging System and Battery:

We get a lot of questions about whether the 50F harness will cause any problems with the charging system or battery on the Zuma 50F. To date we have not heard from anyone having problems with using the Zumalights dual headlight harness on their Zuma 50F.

Note: Adding additional electrical accessories to your scooter could cause your battery to slowly drain depending on many variables.  The age of your battery, how it's been stored, how often it's used, proper original charge from the dealer, and driving habits all affect battery performance. Also if your scooter is in need of maintenance, and doesn't start right away with the electric start, then more frequent use of the starter could drain your battery more quickly.

As recommended by Yamaha, when storing your scooter or not using it for extended periods, keep the battery on a charger, or charge it monthly.


Although we feel the Zumalights Zuma 50F Headlight Harness is a safe modification to the Yamaha Zuma 50F, the harness must be installed at the purchasers own risk.  Trav, LLC (Zumalights) shall in no event be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this product.  This product has not been endorsed by Yamaha Motor Corporation and there is no affiliation between Trav, LLC (Zumalights) and Yamaha Motor Corporation. Installation of the product in your scooter may limit or void your rights under any warranty provided by Yamaha Motor Corporation, and Trav, LLC (Zumalights) assumes no responsibility in such event.  Our maximum liability to you shall be limited to the amount you paid for the product.


Yamaha Zuma 50F (4-stroke fuel injected) Dual Headlight Harness:

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Zuma 50f (4-stroke fuel injected)

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