People are crazy about the Yamaha Zuma, and if you own one you probably know why.  They are a blast to ride, extremely reliable, look great, have good aftermarket support, and get 70+ mpg.  They have a 2-stroke engine, are low maintenance, and have a top speed of about 40mph without modifications.  They have wide semi-knobby tires so they can handle dirt, gravel roads, and even mild trails.  A wide variety of performance parts are available such as: exhausts, variators, clutches, big bore kits, carburetors, road tires, and much more.  Yamaha didn't import the Zuma into the U.S. for 2006 and 2007 because of strict 2006 emissions laws.  They tweaked a couple of things for the 2008 Zuma to make it comply with the standards so now it's back in the U.S.!  If you are looking for a scooter, the Zuma is a great choice.  The most common complaint about the Zuma is the headlights.  They have dual bug-eyed lights but only one light is on at a time.  One side is the low beam and the other side is the high.  Fortunately, we've solved that problem with our dual headlight wiring harness which makes your Zuma have two highs and two lows using the stock switch.  It's great for riding at night!



Zumalights.com dual headlight wiring harness

Leo Vince ZX Exhaust

Malossi Multivar 

Yellow clutch springs

Shaved seat

Wheelie bar!

2005 Yamaha Zuma Specifications.

The 2002-2005 and 2008-2011 Yamaha Zumas are pretty much the same, but the following specs are specifically for the 2005. The Yamaha Zuma has a horizontal 49cc, air cooled, 2-stroke engine with reed valves.  It has a single piston with a bore of 40mm and stroke of 39.2mm and compression ratio of 7.2 to 1.  It has a Teikei 14mm carburetor.

The transmission is a CVT (continuously variable transmission), specifically, a variable-diameter pulley (VDP) with a mechanical variator controlled by rollers.  If that sounds too confusing, basically it's an automatic "twist and go" transmission with a v-belt.  The transmission also includes a two-shoe centrifugal clutch and fixed drive gears.

For convenience, it features an automatic choke and electric start.  It's also oil injected so you don't have to pre-mix oil into the gas.  There is enough storage under the seat for a full-face helmet (or a 12 pack of bottles).  It also has a small storage compartment just under the left hand grip that can be used to hold riding glasses.

The Zuma has a dry weight of 185lbs.  It is 74.4" long and the seat height is 30.1".  It has a 1.5 gallon tank under the seat and depending on driving habits, gets 70+ mpg.  The Zuma has a front hydraulic 155mm disc brake and drum rear brake.




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